Wednesday, September 2, 2009

just a minute.

I'm doing not-so-good on keeping this blog updated-- sorry. I fail.

One of the reasons I haven't been updating is that I haven't been able to properly document my work, and an art blog with no pictures is kind of boring. My little Cybershot seems to be on it's last legs so I've been keeping an eye out for an affordable DSLR. I'm pretty limited to just scanning in drawings and small pieces at the moment, and I don't usually work within the size limitations of a scanner bed. I've got a couple of models in mind for my next paintings, too, so the sooner I can find a new camera the better (financial aid going through would also be a big help...).

My very last semester of college has begun, and it's off to a slow start. I'm having mixed feelings about it-- sad because I'll miss the place, excitement because I'm ready to get away from it, and of course, fear of the "real world"... I'm only taking two classes which should allow me to focus on my body of work. So far I haven't started any of my big pieces, but I've done a few studies and tons of sketching. I've got five more of the animal-headed women planned and I also intend on doing a short series of etchings following a similar concept. I desperately need to get back into the printmaking studio.

Why does getting started have to be so damned hard? Do you guys have that problem?

The Bounty, 12"x16", oil and acrylic on bedsheet, 2009

This piece was in that show I mentioned last entry at WonderRoot. A lot of the pieces I worked on this summer explored the unfortunate dilemma of mortality. That's another thing I've got to work on-- an artist statement. Mine are always awful.


After class last Friday we sat outside drinking coffee for at least three hours. Annie was my unknowing victim.

Now if only I could work on something more substantial than sketches and studies.